At STG Global we’ve spent over 30 years making water trucks, vacuum excavation trucks, diesel trucks and lube trucks, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing. A few years ago we noticed our industries asking for more options when it came to our service trucks so we went back to the drawing board. What we came up with was our lube modules and lube skids, which meant that we could reach more of the industry. We’ve worked with the construction and mining industries for years, taking on feedback and continuously improving our lube skids and lube trailers for sale to ensure our customers are getting the best product. Using world-class materials and design focused on the Australian environment we’ve built lube skids and lube trailers that are built to last, no matter what you throw at them. STG Global’s lube skids and lube trailers come equipped with everything you need to complete your daily on-site machine maintenance as well as those major or emergency situations. When we design and manufacture you ensure to choose the highest-quality materials to put into our lube skids and lube trailers.



• Fully galvanised trailer/skid

• 4 x 200L rotational moulded plastic pods

• Pod 1: engine oil with Graco pump & 1/2” spring hose reel

• Pod 2: hydraulic oil with Graco pump & 1/2” spring hose reel

• Pod 3: transmission oil with Graco pump & 1/2” spring hose reel

• Pod 4: water with Graco pump & 1/2” spring hose reel

• 20L pneumatic grease pump with 1/4” hose reel

• Spring return air hose reel

• Oil meter guns

• 780Lt diesel tank with 3/4” hose reel with swivel and nozzle

• 1/2” water diaphragm pump

• 3/4” diesel diaphragm pump

• 200Lt waste oil tank with 4 way valve for EVAC

• 3/4” waste oil diaphragm pump with 3/4”spring rewind hose reel

• Spare parts tool box with lock

• 780Lt diesel

• 4 x 200Lt oil tank

• 1 x 200Lt waste oil tank

• Which allows the unit to be mounted on any vehicle or trailer. The frame is fully galvanised for extra strength and durability

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