The story of how STG Global came about started in the small country town of Mansfield.

Over 30 years ago, a young bunch of entrepreneurial guys hit by drought and hard times were looking for a way to keep the income coming into the family farm. With the banks pressuring the family to sell, the entrepreneurial gents started tinkering away in the shed, chugging VBs and thinking of ways to save the family farm.

One dusty afternoon, the boys noticed a huge amount of dust coming off a construction site in town. Eager to make some money, the boys approached the site foreman looking for work. The foreman said “Nothing here mate, but if you know anyone with a water truck, let me know.” Desperate and quick witted, the boys replied “We have a water truck at the farm ready to work!” After negotiations on the rate, a deal was struck and the ‘water truck’ was due to start work the following day. The only slight problem was that there was no water truck and the boys knew nothing about water trucks.

Within 24 hours, with spare parts lying around the farm, a water truck was born resembling more like a walking disaster with items falling off and more water leaking out than was kept in. Needless to say, the next couple of days was a huge learning curve but they kept that contract and saved the family farm!

For the next 30 years, these entrepreneurial spirits saw a hole in the market when it came to manufacturing and producing world class water tanks and other truck bodies so they directed all energies and attention to this market.

STG Global’s history has always been one of the Aussie spirit, striving to build world class reliable products and equipment.


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