Our innovative approach to vehicular design is paramount in receiving our reputation as a company that increases functionality and effectiveness for those who need rely on it the most. STG Global is truly committed to demonstrating our inherent nature as an Australian company – with our head depot located in Brisbane, we also have highly qualified technicians throughout Melbourne and Sydney. Supporting local manufacturing is not only a method by which quality assurance can take place but also a means by which we can give back to the nation that has harboured our business for over 30 years. Help is never far away at STG. Own an STG and harbour a piece of Australia.




30 years ago, STG Global commenced its operation within the construction industry. Having a deep-rooted connection in the industry gives STG an amazing understanding of the Australian Construction Industry, and how it stretches to the far corners of our nation. We have designed our fleet around navigating even the harshest land. Our unmatched dedication to looking after our local construction industry has earned us wide acclaim with our colleagues, whilst our trucks are setting new industry goals in the process.


As an Australian company, we design our vehicles to suit our landscape, especially the Australian Outback, to ensure that top quality parts are utilised to enable to vehicles to resist damage in the worst conditions. We know that the success and profitability of a mining business is heavily reliant on the control of the flow of capital and operational costings, so we ensure that we offer many variants to let businesses locate a truck that matches their needs exactly. 


STG strive to make sure that our tilt tray vehicles are able to access the most treacherous of landscapes, especially in Australia. Our Logistics arm exhibits a solid commitment to the secure and trustworthy transport of road vehicles, freight and earth-moving machinery. 


Designed by Australians for Australians was our goal within the Waste Management and Disposal market with ground-breaking footsteps. We wanted our trucks to be able to be utilised within the different Australian landscapes, so our vehicles are designed with versatility and reliability in mind. 


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