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Reliable Water Tanker Trucks with Galvanised and Poly Tanks

Discover our top-quality water trucks designed for durability and efficiency. Explore our range of water trucks for sale, featuring both galvanised and poly tanks.

















Power Your Project With High-Impact Water Trucks

STG Global’s water trucks offer reliability, superb dust control and optimal water usage.

Designed to handle the demands of mining, street cleaning, firefighting and environmental remediation, our customisable trucks provide unmatched efficiency. Each water tanker truck features a specialised body built for peak performance and resilience.

Thanks to our extensive network and the fastest lead times in the industry, you can get your new water truck up and running quickly. Explore our lineup today and boost on-site efficiency.

What Sets Our Water Tanker Trucks Apart

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Unparalleled Durability

Our tanks are fully hot-dipped galvanised to prevent rust over time. They also feature internal baffles and robust pipework to lower the risk of damage and maintain peak performance.

Our no-rust guarantee ensures fewer breakdowns, reduced repair costs and smooth functionality under the harshest Australian conditions.

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Pneumatic In-Cab Controls to All Sprays

With our Pneumatic In-Cab Controls, operators can effortlessly manage spray tasks right from the driver's seat. They can easily adjust the flow, direction and pattern of sprays, streamlining your operations and enhancing precision.

Fully Customisable Vehicles

All our water trucks for sale are customisable to integrate seamlessly with your existing fleet. We can personalise them with your brand colours or logo to enhance their professional appearance and elevate them with extra accessories and parts to suit your project or site requirements.

Australia-Wide Support Network

At STG Global, expert support is just a call away. Our network includes 249 fleet centres nationwide, featuring both new service locations and dedicated STG Global facilities in major cities.

Opt for our comprehensive maintenance packages to simplify the upkeep of your trucks and reduce potential downtime. With expert mechanics and engineers on hand, we ensure your water tanks remain reliable anytime and anywhere.

Water Trucks For Sale

Water trucks play a pivotal role in upholding occupational health and safety standards across a wide spectrum of Australian environments, ranging from mining operations to construction sites. These purpose-built vehicles are tailored for use in Australia, a land characterised by its unforgiving terrain and arid conditions. STG's water trucks are indispensable for effective dust suppression, fire prevention, and soil compaction.

Available in various sizes, our water trucks are equipped with hydraulic nozzles located at the rear, utilising advanced systems to deliver precise water dispersion in a systematic and controlled manner.

Our vehicles are engineered to thrive in Australia's diverse landscapes, boasting a rust-resistant guarantee that ensures longevity. Moreover, our water trucks can be customised to seamlessly integrate into your existing fleet. We provide nationwide service and ensure prompt delivery of your new vehicle to your specified location within Australia. If you require additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!


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Working with Australia's Leading Businesses

Streamlined Control, Enhanced Safety - STG's In-Cab Control & Water Cannon

  • In-Cab Controls:

    Streamline operations with all functions accessible from the cabin.

  • Enhanced Safety:

    Detect drowsy and aggressive driving, improving road safety.

  • Water Cannon:

    Deliver large volumes of water, ideal for firefighting, vehicle washing, and more.

Payment Options Available

  • Rent to buy & outright purchase options available.
  • A variety of finance options to cater to different budgets and financial needs.

Top Quality Service

  • Fully serviced maintenance package, taking the stress out of maintenance and repairs.
  • City fleet with 249 agents and new service locations Australia wide, ensuring comprehensive coverage and availability.

Leading Technology

  • A cutting-edge CANBus control system with 12" touch screen iPad that allows our service team to dial in and assist our customers from anywhere in the world.

Test Drive

  • All our trucks are available for a test drive before purchase.

Lightning Fast Delivery

  • Stock available, faster delivery than competition, guaranteed.

Dust Suppression Excellence

STG Water Trucks are specially designed for Australian conditions, making them perfect for efficient dust suppression. With advanced systems and a hydraulic rear nozzle, they deliver just the right amount of water, ensuring your operation stays dust-free.

Fire Prevention Powerhouse

In a nation prone to wildfires, STG Water Trucks play a crucial role in fire prevention. Their adaptability and strategic water deployment make them a dependable tool in safeguarding against potential fires.

Built to Last

Our water trucks are not only effective but built to withstand the test of time with a no-rust guarantee. Furthermore, the option for customization ensures they seamlessly integrate into your existing fleet, offering flexibility for your unique needs. Get the dependable water truck your operation deserves with STG.

Our Water Truck Modules Fit These Major Manufacturers


STG Global — Your Go-To for Water Trucks for Sale in Australia

Let STG Global elevate your fleet with our top-tier water trucks. From selecting to outfitting the ideal model, we're here to help you make the best investment.

Our robust lineup doesn't stop at water tanks. We also offer cutting-edge vehicles, including vacuum excavation, sweeper, waste collection and service trucks. Equipped with fully galvanised tanks for supreme durability, expect our trucks to deliver peak performance under any conditions.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We have two main types of water trucks:

• Poly tanks — Poly water tanker trucks are crafted from polypropylene plastic. Their resistance to rust and corrosion makes them easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, their robust material ensures these tanks resist cracking under ordinary external forces, providing long-lasting performance.

• Steel tanks — Steel water tanks are renowned for their exceptional strength. They can handle a broad range of temperatures and settings without risk of deformation.

Our poly tank water trucks come in 8,000L (2,113 gal), 15,000L (3,962 gal) and 19,000L (5,019 gal) capacities. For steel tank water tanks, we have 8,000L, 13,000L (3,434 gal) and 18,000L (4,757 gal) options.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for expert product advice.

Absolutely. Our WT13000 The Suppressor is the ultimate solution for dust suppression. It delivers up to six times the efficiency compared to traditional water trucks, letting you save time and lower operational costs.

We have rent-to-buy and outright purchase options. We've also partnered with trusted lenders to provide financing options that suit diverse budgets. Contact us to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Yes, each of our trucks is equipped with a comprehensive operator's manual. This essential guide includes everything from reporting safety defects to conducting daily checks and pre-start inspections. It also covers detailed descriptions of unit components, operational procedures and troubleshooting tips to ensure your truck’s optimal performance anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, many of our trucks are equipped with an intelligent CANBus control system, featuring a 12" touchscreen iPad. This advanced technology enables our mechanics to remotely diagnose and resolve any problems you might face on the road.

Yes. We understand that truck failures can significantly disrupt productivity, delay project timelines and pose safety risks.

That's why we offer an array of genuine replacement parts and accessories for all our models at our STG Parts store. Count on us for expert support and fast nationwide delivery, keeping your projects on track and your operations safe.

Absolutely! We can outfit your truck with the right tools for your application. Our options include:

• Water cannons — Our cannons are built to efficiently distribute water over large areas and minimise dust. They perform exceptionally in firefighting, construction, and mining applications.

• Hydraulic systems — This system allows for the controlled release and pressure management of water in various applications. For trucks equipped with water cannons, hydraulic systems provide the required force to adjust the cannon’s direction and elevation.

• Front road, rear, and batter sprays — Together, these spray systems enable comprehensive water distribution and efficient use of resources.

Our warranty covers any defects in parts, materials or manufacturing for 12 months from the date of purchase, though some limitations and exclusions apply. Please note that all warranty repairs need to be conducted at an authorised STG Global Pty Ltd facility. Reach out to our team to learn more about our warranty guidelines.

You may complete our online form or call us at 1300 998 784 to discuss your requirements. Our team is always ready to provide expert guidance and ensure you make the best choice.

STG Global prioritises the rapid delivery of all specialised trucks and parts. With lead times of just six to eight weeks, shorter than traditional manufacturers, you can quickly get your new truck on the road, reducing delays and boosting productivity.


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