The demand for effective waste management has been increasing every year in Australia and while there are several truck body manufacturers making waste trucks, they have not been at par with the high demand and the innovations that the waste trucks need to meet their tough working environment. STG entered the waste sector with a vision to add value to Australia’s initiative in creating a more sustainable future through efficient waste management. STG has partnered with multiple industry leaders in the waste management sector, one of which is NWA (North West Alliance).

North West Alliance (NWA) is a joint venture between Palyku Traditional Owner investment group, Emu Nest, and global environmental services company, Veolia. NWA offer sustainable waste management solutions and various industrial services to make way for ecological and environmental transformation. NWA operates in the Pilbara Region on sites such as Karratha, Newman, Port Hedland, Tom Price, and Perth. The founders and its branding were developed around the belief that when you look after your country, it will do the same for you.

As NWA achieve their mission and vision towards providing a more sustainable Pilbara for future generations, they need the right equipment to help scale their industrial services. Karratha is one of the few sites where NWA operates in with over 20 trucks and operators. As a solid and hazardous waste facility, one of the main services they provide are front lift services in local areas and major clients like Yarra, Woodside, Rio Tinto, Santos, and contracts to major oil and gas companies.

At the last quarter of 2022, NWA Karratha and Port Hedland were looking to expand their fleet and wanted to add two additional front lift trucks. At that time, there was a challenge in acquiring chassis across the country and their previous contractors were unable to deliver on the specific timeline and customization that NWA required. In September 2022, they needed to find a new vendor that can deliver two front lift trucks within the given timeframe and adhere strictly to Veolia-NWA standards.

Veolia has been STG’s client since 2020 and has purchased 8 trucks over the years. NWA Karratha’s Regional Director was referred to STG by a department from Veolia who has recently purchased a Vacuum truck from STG. Nikolai Panine, Operations Manager of NWA, flew to Perth to check out a front loader truck from STG. Ross Yendle, STG’s CEO and Muhammad Sohaib Alam, Head Engineer, and GM waste, demonstrated their front lift truck to Nikolai. According to Nikolai, it exceeded his expectation. NWA signed the contract with a 6-week lead time to deliver their two brand-new trucks. As promised, STG was able
to deliver the trucks.

NWA team praised the STG team for:

  • Being open to suggestions for future innovations like camera configurations that can help benefit the truck operators and drivers,
  • Having innovative features in the truck like the automated travel position, iPad integration, over-the-air firmware updates, safety interlocks, enclosed hydraulic cylinders.
  • Investing in quality chassis to deliver world-class and exceptional trucks.
  • The after-sales support that includes training for the operators.
  • On call support with onboard computers for remote dial in and diagnostics.
We got the truck at a specified time frame, which was quicker. STG helped us… everyone was easy to work with on all levels from the engineering, sales, invoicing. I have really good experience and I have nothing to fault.”

Nikolai Panine, Operations Manager, North West Alliance

STG ensured quality and world-class customer experience by providing a week-long training to the drivers and operators of NWA Karratha and Port Hedland. STG also sent over a service truck to follow them alongside the training to ensure that the truck delivers at its best and work within the standards.

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