STG Finance

Don’t miss that dream job!

It is the finance teams’ job at STG to ensure that we get our clients to the job sooner, we pride ourselves on our fast settlements.

Don’t waste your time completing complicated forms, our easy online form is a straightforward process – complete with simplicity.

To further show our dedication to our clients, we offer industry competitive rates to encourage your business to flourish.

Our buy back initiative helps our clients upgrade their old STG vehicles by trading in the old vehicle for a brand new one.

Upgrade to a brand-new STG Truck through a simplified finance process with STG Finance whilst maintaining a similar finance repayment to your current finance commitment

All finance subject to STG finance terms and conditions. All relevant legislation applies accordingly.

Finance Calculator

Amount of the loan (AU$):

Annual interest (%):

Repayment period (years):

Approximate Payments:

Monthly payment:


Weekly payment:


Total payment:

Total interest:

Any calculation made by you using this Finance calculator is intended as a guide only. It is for illustrative purposes only. The calculator is not an offer of credit and does not take into account your personal circumstances. The amount you can borrow may vary once you complete a loan application with STG finance and all the details relevant to our lending criteria are captured and verified. The calculations should not be relied on for the purpose of making a decision whether to apply for STG finance.


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