For many businesses, COVID-19 hit hard and worldwide vehicle shortages have taken their toll on manufacturing and construction companies.

We know investing in a new STG vacuum truck will help your company tackle anything the Australian constructive industry throws at you. But having to wait up to a year for your truck to arrive is frustrating and stops you from getting the job done. 

At STG Global, we are set up to help you dodge the 12-month wait time and kick-off 2022 with a ready-to-use vacuum truck.

We Haven’t Been Slowed Down By COVID-19

As soon as the pandemic hit, STG secured over 100 trucks to make sure you weren’t left waiting when the time came to expand your fleet. Our unparalleled commitment to our customers and forward thinking meant we would be ready when you needed us most.

You don’t have to delay your progress six, nine or even 12 months as you wait to get your hands on a vacuum truck. We have STG truck bodies ready to go now with a minimal lead time of just three to four weeks, so you can get ahead in 2022. 

Benefits Of An STG Vacuum Truck Unlike Any Other

An STG-built vacuum truck is designed specifically with you in mind and incorporates the latest technology to ensure ease of operation and efficiency. Our trucks last longer, consume less energy and are still committed to the kind of quality and durability you expect in your industry.

Our vacuum truck is multi-use across a range of working conditions, including:

  • Non-destructive digging
  • Drilling mud recovery
  • Pipeline locating
  • Recovery of wet and dry materials like silt, slurries and thick sludge.

Order your STG vacuum truck now to get yours before the new year. Just go to stgglobal.net/vacuum.

We’re ready to help your construction company spring into the new year. Don’t wait any longer for a vacuum truck and get ahead of the competition in 2022.

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