The Pink Vacuum Truck Raising Awareness About Breast Cancer

Road and Rail Excavations install everything from substations to telecommunications, electricity, water and gas.

The problem was, they needed a multi-use vacuum excavation truck that was easy to use and could operate at maximum efficiency in a wide range of Australian conditions.

At STG Global, we understand how important it is to do the job right and we love supporting companies who care about the communities they work in.

This is why we delivered Road and Rail Excavations with a vacuum excavation truck, manufactured with them in mind, within a record-breaking two-week turnaround. Road and Rail then wrapped their truck pink, in partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to work towards zero deaths from Breast Cancer, by 2030.

Our vacuum excavation trucks last longer, consume less energy and still maintain our commitment to quality.

To browse our range of vacuum excavation trucks today go to stgglobal.net then simply fill in your details and one of our team will get in contact about providing the right vehicle for you.

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