Vacuum Excavation Trucks Semi-Trailer

The HDV16000 Vacuum Excavation Semi-Trailer has gone through years of extensive research and development to produce a unit designed and built to endure any work site, anywhere in the world. With a whopping 16000 Litre spoil tank capacity, the HDV16000 Semi Trailer Tanker is the most versatile hydro-excavation solution in the STG Global range, allowing more time to be spent on-site and less time travelling to waste stations. This model was built with durability and reliability in mind, to conquer the hydro-excavation industry


  • HDV16000 16,000 ltr (4,225 gal) spoil capacity vacuum excavation semi-trailer
  • 4 x 1,250 ltr (4 x 330 gal) fully hot dipped galvanised side saddle water tanks
  • Fully hot dipped galvanised spoil tank
  • Stand alone unit – can also be worked if unhooked from prime move
  • Caterpillar industrial engine
  • Robuschi by Gardner Denver blower
  • STG Global suction boom
  • Hydrant fill point for water tanks and top opening for fill
  • Water supply gun
  • Water supply hose

Optional Accessories:

  • Battery isolation switch
  • Reverse camera
  • Onboard truck scale
  • LED worklights

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