Vacuum Excavation Trucks 8×4

The Vacuum Excavation Trucks 8×4 series are purpose built for non destructive digging which greatly reduces the risk of damage to underground services. This type of excavation is also useful for bulk excavation in confined areas where it’s suction hose can penetrate over or through barriers. The largest Chassis Mounted Vacuum Excavation Trucks currently being built in our range.


  • HDV6000 6000 ltr (1585 gal) spoil capacity with 2 x 1300ltr (2 x 343gal) water tanks OR
  • HDV8000 8000 ltr (2113 gal) spoil capacity with 2 x 1700ltr (2 x 449gal) water tanks
  • Spoil tank fully hot dipped galvanised
  • Caterpillar industrial engine 4.4 ltr powerpack 141hp / 99.5kw
  • Jurop or Gardner Denver blower
  • 2 x 1700 ltr (898 gal) galvanised water tanks (3400 ltr total) side saddle
  • Hydrant fill point for water tanks and top opening for fill
  • Water supply gun
  • Water supply hose

Optional Accessories for 8×4 Vacuum Excavation Trucks:

  • Suction boom
  • Jetting unit
  • Onboard truck scale
  • Rear arrow board

Other Vacuum Excavation Truck Sizes:
3000 ltr (792 gal) Vacuum Excavation Trucks 4×2
4500 ltr (1188 gal) Vacuum Excavation Trucks 4×2
4500 ltr (1188 gal) Vacuum Excavation Trucks 6×4
6000 ltr (1585 gal) Vacuum Excavation Trucks 6×4

HDV8000 8x4 Vacuum Excavation Truck

Wireless Remote & Cat Motor

Wireless Remote
Caterpillar Motor