Vacuum Excavation Trucks 4×2

The Vacuum Excavation Trucks 4×2 series are purpose built for non-destructive digging, drilling mud recovery, pipeline locating, removing and recovering wet or dry materials, including fine powders, silt, solids, liquids, slurries and thick sludge.


  • HDV3000 3,000 ltr (792 gal) spoil capacity OR
  • HDV4500 4,500 ltr (1,188 gal) spoil capacity.
  • 2 x 1000ltr (2 x 264gal) water tanks
  • Spoil tank fully hot dipped galvanised
  • Caterpillar industrial engine
  • Jurop or Gardner Denver blower
  • Hydrant fill point for water tanks and top opening for fill
  • Water supply gun
  • Water supply hose

Optional Accessories for 4×2 Vacuum Excavation Trucks:

  • Suction boom
  • Jetting unit
  • Onboard truck scale
  • Rear arrow board

Other Vacuum Excavation Truck Sizes:
4500 ltr (1188 gal) Vacuum Excavation Trucks 6×4
6000 ltr (1585 gal) Vacuum Excavation Trucks 6×4
8000 ltr (2113 gal) Vacuum Excavation Trucks 8×4

Vacuum Excavation Trucks 4x2

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