The world is divided between buying used or new heavy equipment trucks. As the purchase is heavily capital sensitive, it becomes important to make a choice. If your existing fleet has been running since long, you may be at a stage where you need to make a choice between buying a used or new truck.

For the onlookers the difference is clear- used trucks are cheaper as compared to new ones. There is more to it apart from the initial cost of purchase. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of both:

Buying Used Trucks

Going ahead with a used truck is not at all a bad deal. But before you make the purchase, the truck must be evaluated well for its fuel consumption, maintenance cost, tire health and more.

It depends upon the requirement of the buyer like the distance the truck needs to cover on regular basis. Buying used trucks avoid the initial depreciation buyer’s face in the new case of buying new heavy trucks.

A well-maintained and used equipment holds a stagnant price. The used heavy trucks market is massive giving you more options to pick from. Although before you buy explore the answers to these question:

Ownership of the equipment

Identifying whether the seller is the rightful owner becomes very important. You must check the documentation of the ownership to ascertain the fact that you are buying from a legit owner. To avoid this risk you must reach out to a professional organization that sells trucks.

State of the Equipment

Indeed buying a used truck is a better deal but before grabbing it, make sure you identify the overhauling cost and the difference between buying the new truck. The repair required must be cosmetic only, the other issues may lead you spending more than you saved.

Check the Safety

Identify any kind of serious problem in the truck. Any such issues cannot be identified unless you are an expert. It is best advised to take professional help to so that the replacement parts can be identified and its cost of refurbishment to make the vehicle safe to drive.

Buying new trucks

Buyers must turn to buy a new vehicle only when they cannot find a well-maintained used truck and are ready to pay the higher initial cost. With used trucks, one needs to carefully question the reliability and durability of the same.

New trucks open the advantage of latest features and right components as per the changing landscape. The buyer can remain sure he will have a premium truck and its performance can be trusted. Some of the aspects you need to consider while buying the truck are the mileage, its ease of use and the kind of emission.

What choice should you make?

No one can decide on your behalf whether you should buy new or used trucks as this choice is driven by budget and your needs. Therefore it becomes important to know:

What are your requirements and expectations? As an equipment like a truck cannot be purchased every day, you must make a futureproof choice.
How much are you ready to spend on upkeep, daily fuel, and payment upfront?
Do you require the truck of the size you are buying? Always pick a truck that offers a size which matches your requirement.
Take the note of the difference in price of buying a used one and the old one (Including the uphaul cost).

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