STG Global’s toolbox modules are a perfect addition to your truck, no matter if it’s a diesel truck, lube truck, water truck or vacuum excavation truck. When you’re out on a job, whether you’re in the mines, on road construction or an excavation project, having a toolbox module that fits everything you need saves you time and money. When you buy a toolbox module from STG Global you're buying a product that has been tried and tested under the Australian sun. We’ve spent over 30 years working with the construction and mining industries, perfecting our modules and trucks for them. Using world-class materials and design we ensure that every toolbox we provide meets our strict quality assurance tests. STG Global toolbox modules come in two different sizes, the TB1400 and the TB1600, both of which are designed to fit a 2.4m wide truck. Using quality steel and secure doors and locks you have a secure space to keep everything you need on hand.



• 2m x 2.4m x1.4m (H x 78” L x 94” W x 55”) open toolbox, 345 grade steel, 6mm (0.24”)

• Roll up doors left or right side

• Internal lighting

• Top spot light

• Open canvas for tools and work equipment

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