Work smarter, not harder with STG Global’s wide range of high-quality truck modules. Our custom-made modules are designed to meet all of your requirements whilst maintaining industry safety and quality standards. At STG Global, we have been providing our customers with high-quality modules for a number of years whilst continuing to develop and improve our products to reflect our clients’ needs. Whether your business operates within agriculture, mining, council work, government, emergency services or military sector, we can provide you the right module for the job.

Toolbox Modules

Our Toolbox Modules make the perfect addition to any truck. Providing you with easy access to all necessary tools and equipment. These modules feature roll-up doors, a large amount of storage, internal and top spotlights, and increased security for your tools. Keep your tools organised, secure, and accessible with an STG Global Toolbox Module. Built using 345-grade steel, our Toolbox Modules: TB1400 and TB1600, are sure to meet your needs.

Lube Modules

Our line of Lube Modules is ideal for field services, providing an all-in-one solution for necessary liquids, storage, and pumps. STG Global’s Lube Modules consist of three designs: SM400, SM2800, SM4900. Standard features include a fully enclosed cabinet with roller door, spring-return hose reels (15m of hose), cupboard storage, 13-micron Donaldson oil filters, double diaphragm pump, ground level remote fill, internal LED word lights, and a DC wiring harness. Still not enough features? We are able to customise our Lube Modules to meet your business demands.

Water Modules

You can’t go wrong with an STG Global Water Module. Available to suit 6×4, and 8×4 trucks, our modules come in 4 varying sizes:

WT8000 Water Module 8,000 ltr (2,113 gal)
WT12000T Water Module 12,000 ltr (3,170 gal) – includes side storage compartments
WT13000 Water Module 13,000 ltr (3,566 gal)
WT18000 Water Module 18,000 ltr (4,755 gal)

These modules are perfect for dust control whilst hauling road and bulk water supplies. Every Module includes an overhead fill with a funnel, self-filling functionality, galvanised hose reel (15m) with a nozzle, and pneumatic in-cab controls for all sprays. To ensure maximum usability and safety, modules are fitted with a rear hitch/tow point, rear-bar LED lights, 4×3″ live drive PTO water pump, and a fire extinguisher. Built with fully galvanised steel, you can be sure the tank on these modules won’t rust.

Get the job done even faster with optional extras, such as ROPS certified handrails, and wireless remote water cannons.

Diesel Modules

We supply 5 Diesel Modules suitable for 4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 8×4, and 10×4 trucks. Each module can be used to refuel large machines quickly with minimal effort; reducing downtime and ensuring you get back to work faster. All modules are designed for heavy-duty refueling applications, with a fluid transfer rate of up to 600 liters per minute! Our module tanks are self-bundled to ensure safety and efficiency with each use.

Check out our range below:

Diesel Module DM1900 – for 4×2 and 4×4 Trucks [Lift off 1,900 liter (500 gal)]
Diesel Module DM4100 – for 4×2 and 4×4 Trucks [Lift off 4,100 liter (1,083 gal)]
Diesel Module DM6000 – for 6×4 Trucks [6,000 Ltr (1,583 gal)]
Diesel Module DM9000 – for 8×4 Trucks [9,000 Ltr (2,377 gal)]
Diesel Module DM13000 – for 8×4 & 10×4 Trucks [13,000 Ltr (3,434 gal)]

Mine compliant diesel modules are available upon request

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