The Suppressor WT13,000

Introducing the Suppressor 13000 – the more versatile option to a conventional water truck. Designed to last up to 3 hours on-site, this makes a much more efficient and viable solution than a traditional water truck. With up to 6 times greater efficiency, the Suppressor 13000 is the perfect dust suppression solution for your business.


  • 13,000 ltr (3,434 gal) fully hot dipped galvanised tank with painted sides and rear
  • PTO driven 4×3” water pump
  • Front road, rear and batter sprays
  • Elkhart Brass cannon with fog nozzle
  • Overhead fill and self fill
  • Driver operated pneumatic in cab controls to all sprays
  • Heavy duty Cummins Generator with remote start panel
  • Rear water cannon with 100 m spray range

Optional Extras:

  • Battery isolation switch with lock out facility
  • Two LED work lights mounted to corners of water tank
  • Reverse camera

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