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If you ask someone at STG what their favourite truck body is, they’ll likely say a water truck.

The STG water truck is where it all started. From the first one over thirty years ago to being industry leaders today, we are fiercely proud of our water trucks.

Our modules are designed specifically for use in Australia, optimised for the harsh landscapes and dry land. Water trucks are an essential piece of equipment in terms of safe dust suppression, fire prevention and soil compaction.  Available in a variety of sizes, our water trucks employ our advanced systems to discharge the correct amount of water in a systematic and controlled manner.

What make us truly stand out is our longevity – STG tanks are built to last. With a fully hot dipped galvanised tank, our trucks stand the test of time with a no rust guarantee. Hot dip galvanising is the process of soaking our metal tanks in a bath of molten zinc to produce a corrosion-resistant coating. In fact, there have been many occasions where the STG tank has outlived the truck chassis itself! We have one of our oldest trucks (over twenty years old!) proudly displayed in the STG Head Office in Ormeau, Queensland.


One of STG’s First Water Trucks: Built 2001, lovingly named “Oldie” by the STG team

One of our most recent truck handovers was for customer Cleanaway – an 18,000 litre truck body fitted on a Scania truck.

Cleanaway Australia

Cleanaway is a waste disposal company with three major operating segments:

  • Solid waste services which operate the largest solid waste and recycling services fleet in Australia.
  • Liquid and health services where they have the largest hydrocarbons recycling system and a leader in the overall liquids market.
  • Industrial services where they offer a large range of plant and asset management services.

Cleanaway’s mission is to make a sustainable future possible. They provide services for a range of different industries in general waste, recycling, hazardous regulated waste, waste oil, construction, demolition waste, industrial construction services, Cleanaway equipment services, liquid waste, health and biohazardous waste, organic waste, E-waste recycling, industrial cleaning services and automotive spill kits for workshops and vehicles.

The company possess vacuum trucks which they use for liquid waste services and garbage trucks for bin collections, both of which STG Global manufacturers. Cleanaway currently has 212 locations across Australia.

cleanaway truck

Cleanaway have made their focus on the environment and what they can do to positively impact it and leave the world better than they found it on behalf of themselves and other companies. They see waste not as an inconvenience, but as a resource and they use their facilities and processes to transform collected waste into valuable commodities for every sector, industry and community. At STG, we are truly passionate about this vision also.

Cleanaway recently purchased an 18,000 litre water truck – one of the largest tank capacities offered, second only to the 19,000 litre poly water tank. The 18,000 litre water truck is best suited for medium to large construction and mining jobs. This truck body was placed on a Scania Truck Chassis.

Scania Trucks

STG only works with truck chassis manufacturers that focus on quality and reliability – Scania is one of them. Scania focuses on providing trucks, transport and other heavy duty electrical equipment for a wide range of applications allowing operators to increase efficiency and decrease their environmental impact.

The company provides clients with a tailored transport solution and global access to spare parts fast. Scania has more than 1,600 workshops and 14,000 knowledgeable service technicians worldwide.

Scania boasts tailored services, modular design, fleet management, flexible financing and personalised training. They are open and available for contact 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide the best care they can for their clients, wherever and whenever they are needed.

scania trucks

This company provides trucks for construction, retail, manufacturing, courier and postal, petroleum and chemicals, agriculture, forestry, mining, fire and rescue, waste handling, and airport support, as well as busses, coaches and power solutions.

Scania see themselves as a place of continuous innovation and have gone as far as to make a section to their website called ‘future room’ where they claim to experiment and challenge what is possible uploading things such as adverts where one of their trucks is delivered by a cloud of drones, as well as a three episode collection of stories that imagine a brighter future.

Scania has plans to take vital steps towards their vision of sustainable transport for all, but for now they are focused on helping their customers to improve their profitability in an efficient and safe way. At STG, we believe in working with companies that align with our vision and values and both Cleanaway and Scania are great examples of this.

Built To Last

At STG, we build our trucks to last. With a hot-dipped galvanised tank, we offer a no rust guarantee.  To add to the longevity, the heavy-duty rear bar is fitted with LED lights and a rear tow point.

This 18,000 litre tank boasts three rear sprays, two batter sprays as well as two rear drop bars that are individually controlled. With a total of seven sprays and being pneumatic controlled, this truck will get the job done.  It also includes a stainless-steel hose reel with 15m of Ace hose and a PowerJet nozzle.

When designing our truck bodies, safety is always the key priority. The safety handrail with a rear ladder ensures that the tank can be accessed with no accidents. Furthermore, the top channel on top of tank stops water going over the side of the tank and chassis.

There is sufficient lighting with LED side lights, rear top LED lights, as well as front and rear LED flashing amber lights.

Learn more about the STG 18,000 litre water truck by clicking here.

The STG 18,000 litre was put on a Scania truck body, as requested by the customer Cleanaway. Here are some of the pictures of this build.




stg water trucks

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