In today’s fast-paced business world, convenience and efficiency are paramount for success. As a leading player in the fleet management industry, STG Global is dedicated to delivering top notch specialised truck bodies for business across the construction, mining, earthmoving, and waste industries across Australia.   

Here at STG Global, we are determined to lead the specialised truck manufacturing industry, globally contributing efficiency, and expertise. With a strong sense of purpose, every truck, part, and service delivered by our company is designed to serve others, reflecting our core values of integrity, ingenuity, and value-centricity. While cherishing our achievements over the past three decades, we remain committed to continuous innovation and pushing boundaries as we journey towards an even brighter future.  

Being in the industry for 30 years, we understand the critical role that reliable fleet maintenance plays in your business’s success. We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking partnership with City Fleet Transport Maintenance, the first and only consistent National Maintenance Supply Solution in Australia.  

City Fleet Transport Maintenance and STG Global share a strong alignment with our  business goals, both driven by a commitment to delivering exceptional services and solutions to their clients.  

City Fleet’s focus on delivering a unique service is mirrored by STG Global’s mission to provide world-class innovative specialised trucking solutions. Both prioritise reliability and accountability, ensuring that agreements and commitments are fulfilled exactly as promised.  

Through the strategic partnership with City Fleet Transport Maintenance, STG Global’s current and future customers gain unprecedented value, ensuring maintenance and truck services are available anytime, anywhere. With City Fleet’s extensive network of 249 service centres across Australia, STG’s customers can experience round-the-clock support, reducing downtime, increasing operational efficiency, and providing peace of mind knowing that their fleets will be promptly attended to, no matter where they are located. This enhanced accessibility empowers businesses to maintain their operations seamlessly and maximise the productivity of their trucking fleets.   

As we embark on this transformative collaboration, STG Global and City Fleet Transport Maintenance are dedicated to ongoing improvement and innovation in the fleet management landscape. Our united vision aims to elevate your fleet management experience to unparalleled heights, empowering your business to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive market.  

Join us in this exciting transformation as we redefine the standards of fleet management excellence. Schedule a consultation with our team of experts today to learn how STG’s offerings can help solve your unique business requirements.

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