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AT STG Global, we know you need to move vehicles, general freight and machinery fast. To do that, you need safe and reliable transport vehicles you can count on.

The problem is so many vehicles aren’t built for the treacherous Australian landscape leaving you out of pocket and forced to use unsafe, unreliable vehicles. You deserve a specialised Tilt Tray Truck that you can rely on–especially in times of trouble.

As an Australian owned company, STG Global understands the ‘Aussie battler’. Over the past 30 years we’ve become well acquainted with our country’s harsh terrain and unforgiving landscape. And we haven’t forgotten the many Aussies doing it tough after the fires of 2020.

Which is why, together with Gilbert and Roach, we have sold six Tilt Tray Trucks to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service–who understand better than most, the importance of having reliable vehicles to carry you through testing times.

We are committed to providing Australians with safe and reliable transport vehicles when you need it most. With features like the reverse camera, hydraulic stabilising legs to reduce movement when loading machinery and the ability to carry up to 16-tonne loads, you can count on our Tilt Tray Trucks to carry you through.

It’s so easy to add the essential Tilt Tray to your fleet today.

Go to stgglobal.net/tilt-tray-trucks to fill in your details and one of our team will send through your personalised quote. Rest-assured we can deliver your Tilt Tray to even the most challenging working environments, anywhere in Australia.

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