Why is it that the most tedious jobs are often so crucial?

In this case, I’m talking about maintenance records for machinery. I know… your eyes are getting sleepy already, but stay with me because there’s a payoff.

If you want to hire or sell machinery, maintenance records are essential.

If you’re still using a manual log book, it might be time to change to electronic. An engineer or project manager will often ask you to send any maintenance records electronically.

Here’s what you should include in your maintenance records:

Make, model, age, year of purchase, attachments, specs and engine hours.
Description of maintenance undertaken and the date it was carried out.
A record of the person who did the maintenance. If it was done by a contractor, include the company name and ABN.
Any checks should be validated by a senior member and the date of validation recorded.
Notes of plans for future maintenance and the hours at the time of the maintenance

So, what’s the payoff?

Well, you’ll look more professional and more appealing to customers who are buying or hiring. You’ve also got more chance of pursuing any warranty claims, and if the machinery has any issues, it’ll be easier to trace the possible cause.

How do you keep records in your business, manual or electronic?

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