blog galvanised wtAt STG Global we know you want purpose-built, ready-to-work trucks that get the job done. From mining operations to construction sites, you need water trucks that are safe to use in dust suppression, fire prevention and soil compaction. But above all else, you need a reliable water truck that stands the test of time.

Why Would You Buy A Non-Galvanized Water Truck?

The problem is many water truck tanks are prone to rust, forcing you to waste time and money replacing unsafe, low-quality vehicles. You need a specialised truck, built for the Australian landscape, that stays rust-free.

Galvanising your truck is one main ways to solve the frustrating problem of rust. However, most manufacturers don’t galvanise their vehicles. They’ve tried and watched them crumble in the galvanising bath.

The Rust-Free Guarantee

As an Australian owned company, we understand the harsh conditions your trucks need to weather in the mining and construction industry. We know you need a reliable, safe water truck that can work for hours at a time–without needing to be replaced every few years.

That’s why we have spent the last 30 years manufacturing and producing world-class water trucks that can withstand the galvanising process. We immerse our tanks into a bath of molten zinc. The multi-layered zinc coating is corrosion resistant and gives our water trucks a rust-free guarantee.

You wouldn’t buy a non-galvanised trailer. So why would you buy a non-galvanized water truck?

Stop worrying about finding reliable, rust-free water truck tanks and enjoy a fleet that lasts longer and helps you get the job done.

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