At STG Global we know you want to be the best in the business. But gone are the days when you needed a truck that  just “did the job.”

In an industry more competitive than ever, you need vehicles that excel in manufacturing and design so you can deliver the highest level of quality and service for your customers.

On one hand, many manufacturers are behind when it comes to utilising the latest in tech and innovation. On the other hand, some vehicles are way more complicated than they need to be, leaving you staring at countless screens and managing multiple suppliers, wishing you could get back to the basics.

One iPad-Based System For Ultimate In-Cab-Control

AT STG Global, we like utilising the latest tech but know it should never make your job complicated or compromise on being user-friendly.

That’s why all our trucks, including our garbage truck bodies, come with an all-in-one iPad-based system for ultimate in-cab-control.

One screen.

One supplier.

One user interface.

We’ve partnered with IMF, one of the biggest companies in automation, so fleet managers are now able to load their own apps to a single user interface, reducing cabin clutter and increasing driver comfort. All our functions work through a PCL, designed by IMF, and have been converted to the iPad.

Why not give the iPad a test run when you book a demo of one of our STG waste trucks?


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