STG are incredibly proud to announce our brand-new, innovative, and Australian made range of Polytanks.

Our engineers engaged in a rigorous research and development process to ensure the final product was not only the most efficient in the industry but a product that established benchmarks for our competitors.

With over 20 years’ experience manufacturing Australia’s leading steel water tanks our commitment to innovation led us to expand into the Polytank market.

The team of passionate engineers behind our new product line are incredibly excited for STG’s poly tanks to hit the market.

STG Global Mechanical Engineer, Connor Hunter says that “we’ve always been looking to bring cutting-edge designs and innovation to our customers”

“a customer centric approach was key in developing our new poly tanks, we took the time to understand current pain points and innovate around them”

“whilst performance is the most important aspect of any product, we engaged in long discussions with the design team to ensure that not only were the poly tanks efficient but also beautiful”

Already receiving wide praise within the industry for our rugged designs for all Australian landscapes, it is our hope that the new Polytanks will only grow our reputation.

“being Australian designed and made, these trucks are at the forefront of technological innovation”

Unlike traditional Polytanks, we committed to transitioning all pipework to be internal to the tank – providing increased navigability to our customers.

“internal plumbing is a unique feature to STG Polytanks, a first in the industry”

In a further commitment to our customers, the colour of our truck bodies are completely customisable to brand guidelines and requirements.

We are proud to introduce Polytanks by STG Global.

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