With over 20 years of industry experience and a quick turnaround time on all truck bodies, our design and manufacturing team are market leaders in providing the best products suited for Australian commercial and residential construction sites - with safety and quality craftsmanship always
front of mind.
Short turn around time
Galvanised Tanks
Services Australia Wide
Purpose-built for the construction industry

Water Trucks

All tanks are fully galvanised

Ideal for Australian conditions, and perfect for safe dust suppression, fire prevention and soil compaction

Each truck has a hydraulic nozzle situated at the rear, utilising our advanced systems to discharge the correct amount of water in a systematic and controlled manner.

No rust guarantee and customisable bodies

Vac Trucks

Spoil tanks are fully hot-dipped galvanised

Perfect for non-destructive digging, pipeline locating and drilling mud recovery

Operator controlled load and unload capabilities

Longer life cycle and lower energy consumption

Vacuum feature can remove and recover the finest of powders to the thickest of sludges

Service Trucks

Fitted with Hiab or certified ROPS handrail and/or ladder

Perfect for any site and any job

Ideal for quick on-site maintenance and refuelling

Fluid transfer rate of up to 600 ltr per minute (in 13000 and 15000 range)

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