STG Global is excited about having another Tasmanian company on board experiencing the advantages of operating our rugged vacuum excavation trucks.

Based in Devonport, North Tasmania CML Utility Services is a locally owned and operated Utility construction company established in March 2007.

CML support Utilities infrastructure in Tasmania, specialising in underground installations of natural gas, water, power and communications.

Recognised for their reliability and efficiency CML have succeeded in their business through meeting their clients ever evolving needs by safely extending their boundaries and continually delivering excellent services, mastering emerging technologies and developing new services.

Ongoing investment in state of the art equipment and highly skilled employees allow them to execute projects with both precision and minimal disruption to existing infrastructure and its surrounding environment.

CML understands clients’ needs and offers solutions from start to finish on all sizes of projects, large or small. They work with clients to ensure that all projects run smoothly and deliver a quality outcome.

Core capabilities of CML Utility Services include…

​Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) – One of their specialised services, it requires highly skilled employees to be meticulous whilst using high tech machinery. They have provided HDD services to the gas, water, power and communications industries for over 11 years. This has gained CML a reputation as being underground experts. HDD is a highly specialised and skilled service and you can depend on CML to advise you on the suitability of HDD for even the most difficult or high-risk projects.
Pneumatic Boring (using compressed air) – CML can perform pneumatic boring techniques, this process is extremely effective in connecting two or more points underground. Again, this process has little or no environmental impact and does not disturb the grounds surface.

CML are excited to announce that they have now entered a new phase and have purchased a cutting-edge Vacuum Excavation Truck from STG Global. They now can specialise in non-destructive excavation and pot-hole excavation as it is a clean, low impact and non- disruptive method of excavating potentially protecting sensitive infrastructure including natural gas, water, power and telecommunications. This method utilises the gentle digging power of high pressure water and vacuum extraction of debris which is fast becoming mandatory nationwide.

CML believe that STG Global equipment is some of the best on the market and STG Global’s professionalism and reliability is second to none! CML is looking forward to utilising this equipment to enhance and improve their productivity and to ensure that their customers/clients are getting a safe and efficient service

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