We don’t need to tell you waste management is essential. And we don’t need to tell you to get the job done you need versatile, efficient waste trucks.

But did you know, Australia only has two waste truck manufacturers in the country? That leaves you stuck for choice, especially if you need a truck now.

Like you, we were frustrated with the lack of choice and current supply shortages which meant companies like yours would have to wait months to get their hands on a new truck body.

That’s why STG Global have entered the waste industry with Australia’s most innovative fleet of garbage trucks. 

Here are three reasons not to wait, to get your hands on an STG Garbage Truck:

Reason #1: World-Class Innovation

As the forefront leaders in water & vacuum trucks, we have brought the same world-class innovation and success to our garbage truck bodies.

Utilising the latest technology, like an intuitive joystick, an iPad interface, as well as the best mechanical designs in the world, we’ve developed an elite fleet of garbage trucks designed for safety, automation and efficiency.

Reason #2: STG’S Exclusive Rights To The New Pendulum Packer

The STG Bandit Side Loader is a particularly perfect solution for getting rid of the waste easily, with version two of the new and improved pendulum packer.

The way the pendulum packer works is simple and efficient, providing you with less maintenance, lower ownership costs and longevity. Working with gravity, it allows fast compaction without requiring heavy force. It’s supported by a single hinged ‘arm’ on each side, powered by a single hydraulic cylinder that is fully accessible from the outside for ease of maintenance. 

The pendulum packer might sound futuristic, but it’s available now and has been successfully trialled in the Australian waste industry.

Reason #3: Shorter Wait Time In Australia

The best part is STG Global has waste truck bodies available now. 

In 2022, ongoing supply chain issues have jacked up prices and wait times. But we were prepared, and now, you don’t have to be delayed months with other truck manufacturers as you wait to expand your fleet. 

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